Wednesday, June 27, 2018


She's our top style icon. Seriously, we can count on one hand the amount of times she gotten a red carpet wrong. Her street-style is a sexy blend of casual and cool, sophisticated and trendy, South Beach and New York. So it only makes sense we would remix her look, leaving most of it just as she styled it, just with the addition of our bags. Observe:

A timeless pairing: jeans, a blazer and a lightweight button-up with just the right pop of color. There isn't a bag more suited to this look than Le Parisien Black/Stone.

We don't usually like to pick favorites when it comes to our celebrity crushes' style (who are we kidding? Yes we do) but this look ranks very high on our Jennifer Lopez list. The perfect tailoring, the gold details and lace shirt, all of it. We, of course, would choose to add a hint of color with a different clutch. Le Icon Blush/Bronze is the perfect balance of soft and bold.

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